The West Coast

West Coast Bed of Flowers

The West Coast road takes the visitor from the busy city life of Cape Town to a world of peaceful villages, rugged coast lines, endless stretches of beach and warm and friendly folk.

White granite rocks, a cobalt sea and bright fishing boats greet you on arrival. The main appeal of the West Coast remains its laid-back lifestyle and relaxed, unhurried atmosphere, as well as its natural rustic beauty with magnificent sea views and long sandy beaches.

West Coast warmth and friendliness blend into an area rich in cultures and traditions.

The West Coast region stretches over 400km from north to south and has a diverse selection of travel choices for visitors. It is a distinct and unusual region with its own attraction, people and lifestyle. There is a sense of space, a slowing down of the pace that soon has one in its grip.

The main reason most visitors venture up here is to catch the spring flower displays that occur in the West Coast National Park anytime from the end of July to early September but, this aside, there are a few more gems to uncover. This area boasts several small towns and coastal villages in close proximity to each other in a rugged and beautiful landscape.

The beautiful Langebaan lagoon with its quaint fishing villages is surrounded by the wheat fields and wine farms of the Swartland area to the east, as well as the citrus growing and Rooibos tea producing Olifants River Valley to the north east. To the north of Saldanha lies the Sandveld, an area known as much for its wild flowers and fynbos as it is for its potato production.

Visitors have a wide range of activities to choose from when touring the West Coast and environs. There are museums and missionary stations to visit, wine cellars to discover, walking trails to explore, as well as hang gliding and mountain biking to keep the adrenalin levels high.

It is a nature lovers dream - wild flowers, birds, whales, dolphins and fish abound.

In short the West Coast offers the visitor unmatched opportunities to explore and discover its unique and charming gems.